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Colchester Piscatorial Society

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Colchester Piscatorial Society was established in 1924 and today it remains a relatively small, but exclusive Family Angling Club, with a manageable portfolio of waters in some areas of outstanding natural beauty.

We feel we are privileged to hold such exceptional waters for our members to enjoy, and our thoughts and focus are in managing and maintaining this portfolio, to ensure our members can be comfortable and not overcrowded whilst fishing, and at the same time be provided with some top-quality angling from an excellent head of stocked fish.

We currently refrain from general public day tickets, as this we feel may diminish our exclusivity. As a member you can purchase guest day tickets.

Our membership is still growing but nearing its maximum, however, we are still taking on new members for the remainder of this season and for the up and coming 2023/24 season (1st June - 31st May)
Please take a look at our waters on this Website, because we are sure you will not be disappointed should you wish to join us for a seasons fishing, and like many of our members, go on to renew each year and have done so for many more 

To join, please click 'Join CPS ' on the home page and message us. We will then send you details how to register and and to get set up with your membership.

Thank you for visiting and learning about CPS

Mick Barwood

Working Party Dates 2023

Details will be listed on our Members App for members only

Trophy Awards 2023

Event and Specimen Fish Trophy Awards TBA

CPS Contact List

List of Committee Members, Bailiffs and Environmental Agency Contacts

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Saltwater Results 2023

Beach and Boat Saltwater Event Winners TBA

Freshwater Fixtures 2022 - Mar 2023

2 Fixtures left for this period

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Members Guest Tickets

A Maximum of 2 guests per member permitted per day priced at £6 for each guest. Day tickets available on all our waters but no night fishing. To book go to Members App

Members Newsletter 2023

2023 Newsletter due in May. This will be published within our Members App


A CPS Members MUST read and COMPLY guide to fishing on our waters. See Members App

Annual Membership Renewals 2023/2024

Details to follow April 2023 via Members App

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Freshwater Event Results

To be advised

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Specimen Fish Registration Form

Please download and print

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CPS Disciplinary Procedures

For Members Only please log into Members App

Privacy Policy

Link to our Privacy Policy

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2023 Season Freshwater Events

From June 2023

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2023 Saltwater Events

2023 Saltwater Events

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Members Only For Access log into Members App

2023 AGM Agenda

Takes place on the 18th May 2023 See link for Agenda

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New Membership

New Membership

Contact us by email on our contact page

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Membership Plan Fees 2023/2024

£30 Initial New Member Joining Fee payable only once on all plans not per person.

No Membership Fees for Juniors aged 5 to 11 on the 1st June when joining with a Senior Member (Parent or Grandparent)    

Add £25 for each additional Junior aged 12 to 17 on the 1st June on selected Memberships if there are more than 2 Juniors aged 12 to 17

Family Membership:  Member & their Partner plus 2 Juniors both aged 12 to 17 on the 1st June -  £180 or 1 Junior aged 12 to 17 on the 1st June  - £160

Senior Membership & their Partner both aged 18 to 64 - £140

Senior Membership plus 1 Junior aged 12 to 17 - £105

Senior Member plus 1 Junior aged 11 and under - £80

Senior Membership aged 18 to 64 on 1st June - £80

Senior Citizen Membership aged 65 + on 1st June - £60