About CPS

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Website.

Colchester Piscatorial Society was established in 1924 and today it remains a relatively small, but exclusive Family Angling Club, with a manageable portfolio of waters in some areas of outstanding natural beauty.

We feel we are privileged to hold such exceptional waters for our members to enjoy, and our thoughts and focus are in managing and maintaining this portfolio, to ensure our members can be comfortable and not overcrowded whilst fishing, and at the same time be provided with some top-quality angling from an excellent head of stocked fish.

We do have some room to grow our membership numbers and encourage Colchester residents, and those from the surrounding areas, to come and join us.

We currently refrain from general public day tickets, as this we feel may diminish our exclusivity, however, take a look at our waters on this Website, because we are sure you will not be disappointed should you wish to join us for a seasons fishing, and like many of our members, then go on to renew each year and have done so for many years.

Just click on, Join CPS, on the home page and start your journey to becoming a CPS member.
You will then be able to take advantage of joining in our friendly match fixtures, or even booking a place on a chartered sea boat and enjoy some sea fishing with us too.

Thank you for visiting and learning about CPS

Mick Barwood