No day tickets available for Langham Lakes 1, 2 & 3 re COVID at the moment

Please refer to our fishing Guidelines & Notices and please ensure all guests refer to them prior to fishing. Members are totally responsible for their guests. Day ticket holders are listed here, but please only make contact between 9am and 7pm Monday to Sunday and at least 24hrs in advance of the day you would like to fish.

Dedham & StanwayShaun Vandersteen07493 104944
LexdenLiz Larkin01206 548661
Maldon RoadMick Barwood01206 548595
BoxtedJames Hore07826 554980
LongridgeMick Redmond07900 004993
Gt HorkesleyDave Mann01206 272912
AlresfordMyles Quinlan07395 299100
LexdenJohn Dodshon07974 055559