Work party at Langham complex Sunday 19th and 26th June. Will be clearing weed from Langham 1 and 3.

Please let me know if you you're able to help.

Next work party will be at the Glebe on Sunday 12th June starting at 8.30 until midday 

A work party will be at Black Barn on the 29th May starting at 8.30. If your able to assist please join us in getting the river swims ready and repairing the bridge.

There will be a Work Party at Pond House this coming Sunday 22nd May starting around 8.30 until midday. If you are able to assist in getting this water ready for the new season, it would be most appreciated. Please meet up at the Bridge 

A work party will take place on Sunday 8th May at Bucbricks 2. The lake will be closed from 8am until 12 midday.

Please be advised of an update on work parties over the next two weekends.

This coming Sunday 24th April, there will be now be one at Langham instead of the 1st May.

The 1st May will now be held at Bucbricks 3

Work Party at Langham Complex on the 10th April starting at 8.30 until lunchtime

Work Party at Langham complex Sunday 20th March 8.30 until around lunchtime. Then Glebe Farm on the 27th March, same times.

There will also be one at BB3 on April 3rd. This one will be run by Tom Baird from the EA. Tom will advise on timing soon.

Work Parties at BB3 and Glebe on Sunday 27th February to clear fallen trees

BB3 will be closed all day Friday 11th February and 20th February for maintenance work 

BB3 will be closed all day Sunday 9th January 2022 for maintenance.