30th January - Angela Barwood
Dear Members
Today we sent a message to you all by email regarding the new membership process CPS has moved to and will be using from the 1st June this year. All renewals will be by this new way.
Please get in touch if you need any assistance in setting up.

27th January - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Pleased to say Langham Complex is now open. Still wet on the banks/underfoot so take care.

11th January - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

We have had to close Langham complex today due to flooding.

Hopefully it will clear soon and will update you here when so.

10th January 2023 - Angela Barwood 

Dear Members

Please be aware that you should all receive an email regarding our new membership renewal process for this coming new season in the next 24hrs

Should you not receive this email, which maybe down to a change of your email address when you joined or it's not quite correct, please let us know via our 'contact us' page on our website.

Many thanks

Membership Secretary

23rd December - Mick Barwood

A Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year to all CPS Members and may next season be your best ever.

16th December - Cliff Sturley
Just a note to members to advise that there will not be a match taking place this coming Sunday 18th December on Bucbricks 3.

4th December - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear members

I have been around our waters today and sadly found 3 gate padlocks still set on our access code 

Please could I please remind everyone to scramble the numbers on the padlock after entering and again when exiting. Many thanks 

27th November - Cliff Sturley

Croydon Cup match results today on Bucbricks 3

1st Neil Ellis 19lb 6oz

2nd John Popkin 13lb 5oz

3rd Cliff Sturley 4lb 5oz

Congratulations to Neil who bagged some lovely bream.

25th November - Cliff Sturley 

Dear Members

Just a reminder to you all that there is a fishing match taking place on Bucbricks 3 this Sunday.

The water will be closed from sunrise to 2pm.

Please let me know today if any more members would like to join us.

4th November - Cliff Sturley

Dear members

Tomorrows match at Stratford Mill is not going ahead, so this water is open to anyone wishing to fish, although weather forecast isn't great.

28th October - Committee
The Committee are pleased to announce that as of the 1st November 2022, CPS will hold the fishing rights to a new stretch of river at Dedham. It commences on the Suffolk bank at the Dedham Mill Pool and extends upstream approximately 200 yards. Car parking is available via pay and display in the public Mill Pool car park.

Signage will be going up to indicate permitted areas and a map will be available to members only on request. This will only be sent out by email attachment. If you would like a map, please request via our 'contact us' page on the website, including your membership number. Please note, members must cease fishing by 10pm on the Mill Pool, map reference E to F. However, night fishing is permitted map reference A to B stretch.

Additionally, we have stocked Langham 1 and Langham 3 with a few 5lb fast growing carp this past week.

24th October - Cliff Sturley

Following a very wet and difficult days fishing at Blackbarn yesterday, where most of the fish stayed hid up like most of the public on such a morning, John Popkin came out as winner from the 9 who fished the match. Congratulations to John who retains the Wilf Tolhurst memorial trophy.

1st John Popkin - 2lb 0oz

2nd Bert Gill - 14oz

3rd Angela Barwood - 9oz

17th October - Cliff Sturley

Dear members

Just a reminder that there will be a match taking place on our Blackbarn river stretch this coming Sunday 23rd October, starting with the draw at 8am in the car park and finishing at 2pm.

This is a charity match, with a £10 donation to our supported charity EACH, and the Wilf Tolhurst memorial trophy will be presented to the winner at the end.

This match is open to all members to fish, as are all our matches, and those that would like to participate to please let me know by Thursday evening please.

Thanks and regards

10th October - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to John with his win at Bucbricks 3 yesterday for the Brigade Trophy.

1st John Popkin 16lb 12oz

2nd Bert Gill 8lb 8oz

3rd Cliff Sturley 5lb 13oz

6th October - Cliff Sturley

Hi Members

As a reminder Bucbricks 3 will be closed this Sunday morning from sunrise for the scheduled fishing match taking place. We have adequate participants however anyone else who would like to take part in this match need to let me know tonight please. Fishing available to all from 3pm

Kind regards Cliff

5th October - Cliff Sturley
Owing to the lack of catch reports coming in the monthly catch summary will no longer be posted 

4th October - Cliff Sturley

Dear members

Bucbricks 3 will be closed this coming Sunday because of the scheduled fishing match organised should we have sufficient numbers.

The water should be open around 3pm.

Anyone who would like to part in the match should please contact me no later than Thursday evening via our website.

Kind regards Cliff

3rd October - Committee

The Committee are aware of some complaints that maintenance works to the pathways and swims along the sections at Langham and Black Barn have not been carried out over the summer months. This had been at the request of Essex and Suffolk Water Authority and the land owner for environmental and ecological reasons. 

Maintenance works have now commenced and will continue through to the end of the season.

There is no restriction on members fishing these sections at any time during the river season but it may be necessary for members to cut down the grass and undergrowth to  establish a swim to fish from.

2nd October - Committee

Dear members

Following a lot of work at Glebe Farm today and last weekend, we are pleased to say this water can re-open tomorrow 1st October.

Water level is up as it should be and approximately 75% of the lake is duck weed free and fishable with swims attended today to fish from. There is a boom in place holding back duck weed to the left of the lake as you enter from the car park. Hopefully this will drain away over the next few weeks along with some sharp frost's so we can remove the boom altogether.

We are very interested in feed back on fish caught in the next few weeks to help us evaluate the losses we unfortunately encountered during low water levels and exceptional duck weed build up.

Please use our website to feed back if you can.

30 September - Committee
Please be advised that the keep net ban and no pike fishing will be lifted from tomorrow 1st October. This also means that our freshwater matches can now recommence with the first one scheduled at Bucbricks 3 on Sunday 9th October. Please refer to our fixtures list on our website and not on the printed version sent to you as there has been some changes.

Additionally, there will be another work party at Glebe Farm this coming Sunday, 2nd October from 8.30am to around 12.30pm in order to try and re-open this water on Monday 3rd October. If any member can assist it would be appreciated.
A communication on whether we can or can't re-open will be posted here Sunday afternoon/evening.

16th September - Shaun Vandersteen

This Sunday's work party at Langham has been cancelled as there are not enough volunteers to help clear the weed. Glebe next Sunday is still scheduled so if anyone can help then please come along at 8.30

13th September - Mark White
1st round result of the Olivant Cup at Mersea on Sunday 11th September
Joint 1st - Barry Took and Mick Barwood 11lb 8oz.
Third place - Alfie Hannah 10lb 8oz

26th August - The committee

Dear Members

Following a committee meeting yesterday, please be advised of the following;

With the advise from the environment agency, a keep net ban will remain in place until the end of September along with no pike fishing.

This also means that no fishing matches will take place during September and the fixture list will be updated accordingly in the next few days.

Additionally, we are looking to reopen Glebe Farm from October. Confirmation will be advised late September so long as all activities scheduled go to plan.

10th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be advised that next Tuesday and Wednesday there will be some strimming and pruning taking place on bb2 and bb3, subject to weather forecast in our area (scattered thunderstorms predicted)

Also addressing fallen tree on swim 1 at bb2.

Fishing is not at all suspended

3rd August
2000 Crucian carp were put in our waters this morning 50/50 Bucbricks 2 and Langham 3. Pictures and video within members photos page under General 

1st August - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be advised that there will be another work party on Langham 1 this coming Sunday from 8.30 to midday, therefore the lake will be closed. 

Fishing overnight Saturday still ok until work starts.

29th July - Committee

Dear Members

Following the committee meeting yesterday, we advise that the use of keep net and pike fishing suspensions will remain in place until at least the end of August.

This also means all fishing matches scheduled in August will either be postponed or cancelled. Please see fixtures list on our website for updates in the next week or so.

Additionally, Glebe Farm still remains closed owing to continuing duck weed issues and now with the recent hot weather, the water level is too low because there is insufficient water feeding in.

This has been cancelled until the 31st July

19th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be advised Bucbricks 3 will be closed this coming Sunday 24th July from 9am until approx 1pm.

A work party will be taking place to remove the weed that has built up.

17th July - Cliff Sturley

Well done to Anya Lusher today who managed to pip Katie Burgess by 3oz. Anya bagged 6lb 14oz of silvers, perch and bream and Katie bagged 6lb 11oz with the same mix.

Chloe Boorman came in third and caught a nice 1lb 3oz Crucian Carp.

All fished in the shade and was comfortable for everyone. Good morning for everyone as all caught.

Anya takes the Junior match trophy this year. Well done to you

Regards Cliff

17th July - Officers of the Committee 

Dear Members

Please be advised that the officers of the committee have imposed a keep net ban and suspended pike fishing with immediate effect on all our waters due to the hot weather/very warm water.

In addition all matches are suspended too. 

Thanks for your understanding and will post again here when restrictions are lifted

The Committee

15th July - Cliff Sturley

Dear Members

Just to confirm that the Junior's match is going ahead this Sunday 17th July at BB3. The Met office forecast has moved the highest temperatures to a red warning on Monday and Tuesday with Sunday an amber warning.

This means BB3 will be closed Sunday to members from sunrise until start of the match at 9.30am. Match finishes at 12 midday.

5th July - Committee

Dear Members

Unfortunately, the Committee has unanimously decided to relinquish the fishing rights at Pond House with effect from 15/07/2022. Having had the water since the 1980's it was not a decision taken lightly

In recent years the rent for the water has been increasing but the use of the lake has been diminishing due to a combination of factors which the Club is not allowed to resolve, such as the silting up of the channel rendering it unfishable, the reduction in number of usable swims, being unable to carry out required maintenance work in absence of permission of the landowner. Also the fish stock has reduced, believed to be due to poaching. The cost per swim had made Pond House the most expensive water to retain and the least used.

The Committee has resolved the saving in rent will now be applied to the maintenance and upgrade of the Club's other waters

1st July - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Just to advise you all that we are continuing weed removal at Langham 1 this Sunday 8.30 until 2pm.plus some work on bb2 road.

Member assistant always welcome

1st July - Cliff Sturley

Dear Members

With Glebe Farm closed it has been decided to postpone the Brigade Trophy first round match. We could have moved to another water Sunday if we had some more members taking part.

29th June - Shaun Vandersteen

Unfortunately CPS are having to close Glebe Farm with immediate effect owing to continuing build up of duck weed.

EA are meeting with the owner so will advise in due course when we can reopen.

27th June - Cliff Sturley

Well done to Anya Lusher who won the 1st Rd Junior Match at Bucbricks 3 yesterday, with a total weight of 4lb 2oz which included a very nice bream, a good 2lb.

Disaster struck for Katie Burgess who continuously bagged a good selection of roach, rudd, small skimmers and perch including one Perch between 2lb to 3lb.

At weigh in, an empty keep net.😩😩

Something had made a hole in the bottom of the keep net so they had escaped!!

2nd place went to Archie Boorman.

4 Juniors fished.

24th June - Cliff Sturley

Dear members

Pond House will now be open Sunday as normal. The Juniors match has been transferred to Bb3

Bb3 will still be open for everyone to fish.

22nd June - Shaun Vandersteen
Just a reminder that Langham 1 will be closed for weed clearing from 8.30 until about 3pm this coming Sunday. If anyone would like to help please meet up around 8.15am Sunday morning. 

20th June - Cliff Sturley

Unfortunately no one was able to capture that specimen fish this weekend to win the annual specimen fish trophy. Some roach were caught by member fishing for tench and bream plus an illusive pike who took a fancy to a boilie

Despite a severe thunderstorm everyone enjoyed the banter at BBQ evening with a few ales plus bacon rolls in the morning for breakfast.

17th June - Cliff Sturley

Hi Members

I have had a report from a member that something very big pulled his rod and reel into the lake at Bucbricks 1. If you do come across it please contact me via our website page.

16th June - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be aware that the EA will be removing a tree on the river below the flume towards the low lift at some stage soon.

Date not yet been advised by them, so please be careful around this area if you are go fishing that way. 

Also the lock at Pond House before the bridge is still on the old code. Tried to change it to the new code  but it won't have it.

I will look to get another padlock in due course.

14th June - Shaun Vandersteen

I will be at our Langham complex tomorrow 15th March undertaking some strimming and grass cutting just to advise any members planning on fishing.
Also, there will be a work party on the Langham Complex this coming Sunday, following the close of the night match, and again the following Sunday 19th June for weed removal.
If any member would like to help us please contact me

13th June - Cliff Sturley 

Dear Members

A reminder to you all that Langham1 will be closed this coming Friday 17th June at 2pm until around 10am Sunday 19th June, for the planned 24hr Night match. 

The match is currently full with the maximum of 6 taking part with 2 rods each.

13th June - Barry Took
A great day out at sea yesterday with over 100 lb of fish landed.
D Saunders Memorial Trophy was fished for and the result was
1st Alfie Hannah 39lb 7oz
2nd Barry Took 27lb 7oz
3rd John Kallarn 26lb 11oz
All 8 caught on the day.

31st May - Shaun Vandersteen.
A reminder to all members that the gate code changes from the 1st June 2022. The new code is on your membership card and fixtures list sent to you.
Also, the Society would like to increase its number of Bailiffs for the forthcoming full season. If any member would like to assist us in this role please contact me on 07943 104944

28th May - Cliff Sturley

Dear Members

In addition to our fixtures list recently published I am enquiring if any of our members would like to fish for the S Curtis 6 match silver series trophy during June and July?

This would involve 6 evening matches at Bucbricks 3 for 6 consecutive weeks late June and all of July on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. 

You don't need to turn up at all of the 6 weeks matches however the combined total weight of all six rounds would win the trophy.

You would need to turn up at 5pm for the draw with fishing starting at 5.30pm finishing at 8pm.

If work commitments prevail the draw will accommodate late arrivals so you don't need to worry. Just fish when you're ready. Your fishing peg will be drawn for you in advance.

Additionally, a club member has offered to kindly assist any member wishing to fish who has disabilities or struggles with the steps. He has volunteered to help with the transportation of your fishing gear down the steps.

I would like to thank him in advance of this gesture.

Please could you let me know via our website contact us page, no later than the 10th June, if you would like to take part in a some very sociable evening fishing events. 

Nothing serious I assure you and bb3 is producing some really good catches at the moment.

As long as we get a few numbers confirmed I will add this to our current fixtures list.

Kind regards

Cliff Sturley

Freshwater Match Secretary

28th May - Angela Barwood

Dear all members

Please be advised that all existing members need to renew their membership by the 31st May 2022 latest.

Complete your renewal form and send it with  in your membership card and stamped addressed envelope for update as soon as possible..

Renewal forms were sent out by either email or post in March this year.

If you wish to rejoin I need your intentions by Tuesday 31st May please.

Kind regards

Angela Barwood Membership Secretary

17th May - Shaun Vandersteen

We have a work party organised at Pond House for this coming Sunday 22nd May, starting around 8.30 until midday. If you are able to assist in getting this water ready for the new season, it would be most appreciated. We will be meeting up at the bridge.

16th May - Mick Barwood

Dear Members

A final reminder that our Annual General Meeting takes place at 7.30pm this coming Thursday 19th May. Full details of the address, agenda, trophy winners and our Annual Newsletter can be found by visiting our website, selecting membership information and then into the AGM & Newsletter header.

Click on the pdf files to download for reading or to print out.

NOTE - You do not need to pay for car parking at the new Colchester Rugby Club, however, you must enter your car registration number on the iPad in the Club's reception on entering. You will get charged if you do not do this.

10th May - Mick Barwood

Dear all Members

Just a reminder to you all that our Society Annual General Meeting takes place on the 19th May at the new Colchester Rugby Club starting at 7.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing as many members as possible who are able to make it.

Kind regards 

9th May - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear members

Logs have been put across a swim at Bucbricks 1 owing to a ducks nest. Please do not fish this swim until young are hatched out and in the water. Thanks

6th May - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

A works party will be taking place at Bucbricks 2 this coming Sunday.

The lake will be closed from 8am to 12 midday.

Following this work the lake will reopen with fishing from all swims.

Finally, a porta loo will be in use on Bb2 in the very near future. This will also be a benefit for those fishing on Bb3

4th May - Angela Barwood

Please could I remind all members that when renewing your membership for the coming season that you send me your membership card for updating and a stamped address envelope as well as the renewal form duly signed.

Renewal instructions are on page 2 of the email sent to you.

Many thanks 

30th April - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

This post is to notify you all that work is now underway at Bucbricks 2 to create new swims along the field side. This means that fishing will be suspended field side until it's completed.

Some work in progress pictures in our photo gallery under general.

400 Elvers put in Langham 1 today courtesy of the EA. Please visit our photo gallery under general for images

24th April - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Following today's work party we can now report that all trees have now been removed from Langham 1 and all natural swims are now open.

Many thanks to all those who have helped to accomplish this not only today but also at previous parties.

23rd April - Committee

Good afternoon all Members

The committee announce that the Annual General Meeting will take place on the 19th May 2022 at the new Colchester Rugby Club.

Full details of the Agenda and Trophy winners are now available on our website for you to view and/or print out.

This can be found under Membership Information.

Additionally, our Annual Newsletter is also available under Membership Information on our website.

Finally, you can now review on our website  our new Fresh and Seawater match fixtures for this coming season.

Best wishes to you all.

20th April - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be advised of an update on work parties over the next two weekends.

This coming Sunday there will be now be one at Langham instead of the 1st May.

The 1st May will now be held at Bucbricks 3.

Regards Shaun

10th April - Shaun Vandersteen
Dear Members, please be advised that the working party today made great inroads in getting the large tree out of Langham 1. As a result another Sunday morning is still required to complete the task. This will be on Sunday 1st May from 8.30 until around 12.30am.
As a result of today's work, swims from the bridge dividing lakes 1 & 2 up to where the geese are nesting are not fishable.
Kind regards

1st April - Angela Barwood
Please can I remind members that all renewal forms have now been sent out either by post or email.
If any member has still not received theirs then please contact us via our website.
We would like you all to renew as soon as possible as we have over 60 on our waiting list and would like to be in a position to offer them membership if any current member is not going to renew
Many Thanks

1st April - Mark White
Sea fishing Boat Trips for the rest of this year are listed on our website.
We really need to get 8 members to join us on the boat to make it cost effective, so please could I encourage all those that would like to experience a day out catching fish you can potentially eat to contact me. Rods and equipment can be loaned to those interested or if you have your own then please bring along.
Many Thanks

1st April - Shaun Vandersteen
Please be advised that there will be a work party at Langham on the 10th April starting at 8.30 until lunchtime. It would be really appreciated to get some extra help from members at these events to improve and maintain our waters.
Also a reminder that there is a work party at Bucbricks 3 on the 3rd April starting around 8.30am run by Tom Baird from the EA
Many Thanks 

26th March - Shaun Vandersteen
We have geese nesting on Langham 1 so please can all members refrain from fishing near the nest. I have roped the swim off.
Thanks for your cooperation.

14th March - Angela Barwood

Dear Members,

Membership Renewals.

This year we are going to be sending you out your membership renewal form attached to an email, which you can then print out and complete.

We will use the email address you gave us the last time you renewed or joined.

This will start in the next few days.

Depending on your computer settings, the email will be in either your inbox, junk mail or spam folder, so please look in all to locate. Note, that it will read it has been sent by Cliff Sturley, who is giving me some support with this process.

If it is in your junk or spam folders, please move it into your inbox, then open the email attachment and print. Do not save then print, as older word formats may convert the document incorrectly.

If anyone does not receive a renewal form email by the 31st March then please let us know via our CPS website contact page.

It may be because the address we hold for you on our database is incorrect or has changed.

For those members who we do not hold an email address for, you will receive your renewal form by post over the coming weeks.

Finally, just a note to remind you that membership fees have increased for next season as previously communicated. These can be found on our website.

Kind regards

Angela Barwood - Membership Secretary

14th March - Cliff Sturley
Congratulations to Angela Barwood who won the Pike Match at Langham yesterday.
Angela's Pike weighing in at 8lb 9oz
8 fished the match.

14th March - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be advised that Work parties will start on our waters next week.

First one will be at our Langham complex this coming Sunday 20th March, 8.30 until around lunchtime.

The following week will be at Glebe Farm, Sunday 27th March, same times.

There will also be one at BB3 on April 3rd.

This one will be run by Tom Baird from the EA. Tom will advise on timing soon.

Any one able to lend a hand will be most welcome.

11th March - Cliff Sturley

Dear Members

Langham Complex closed this coming Sunday.

Please be notified that the pike match scheduled at Black Barn on Sunday has today been transferred to the Langham complex as the present rain combined with the weather forecast and the current river condition has determined this.

This means that all of Langham will be closed this coming Sunday morning from 8am until 2pm, river and all 3 lakes 

If any member wishes to fish this match please can you let me know by 11am tomorrow morning.

We have around 9 entries so far.

9th March - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

A note to you all that COVID restrictions by land owners on our Langham Complex, in respect of night fishing, have now been lifted.

This means that booking on Langham with Ian is no longer necessary.

Our maximum 48hr fishing session still remains in place though on Langham 1, so please kindly adhere to this like everyone has done so previously.

Regards Shaun

7th March - Ian Lusher

Hello all 

Some good news

Langham ponds are back open the estate's team have work very hard this morning 

Part of the path has been blocked off and a new path has been cut through this. 

Have more work to be done so please bear with us 

Tight lines to all

5th March - Cliff Sturley

Match result today at Bucbricks 3

1st John Popkin - 5lb 10oz

2nd Richard Blew - 5lb 4oz

3rd Cliff Sturley - 1lb 8oz

Well done John - nice 2lb Crucian

3rd March - Cliff Sturley

Dear Members

This Saturday's Sweepstake at Stratford has been transferred to Bucbricks 3. The river today is not good and doubt it will improve for Saturday morning.

Bucbricks 3 will not be closed for this match so members still planning to fish there can still do so.

1st March - Cliff Sturley
Dear Members
The first Monthly Fish Catch Report has now been produced for February.
This can be found in the Membership Information page by selecting the link once your in there.
Thanks to all those who sent their catches in and those who unfortunately didn't catch.
Please can we ask for more reports from our members as we know more of you are out there than this report shows.
Many Thanks

27th February - Shaun Vandersteen

Hi Everyone

We are pleased to say that the working parties today have now made Bucbricks 3 fishable and Glebe Farm too. We are so grateful for the help volunteer members have put in to make this possible.

Unfortunately the lakes at Langham still remain closed as there is so much work to do down there.

Regards Shaun.

26th February - Cliff Sturley

Unfortunately the Pike Match will not be taking place this coming Sunday due to water conditions.

I have rescheduled this match to Sunday 13th March.

However this very much depends on no further worsening of the water over the next 2 weeks.

Regarding the Saturday sweepstake match scheduled on the 5th March at Stratford, I will take a look at conditions on Thursday 3rd and advise. I hope conditions will improve somewhat from what they are now so this can go ahead, especially as we have names down for this too 

Regards Cliff

25th February - Cliff Sturley

Hi everyone.

The pike match at Blackbarn and Stratford Mill pool this coming Sunday is under review and likely not to take place. We have 8 in the hat to take part but looks like a no go due to such water conditions at the moment which is a real shame.

The river is pushing through very hard at the moment and lots of colour, however the level has reduced over the past two days having checked today. I will check again in the morning and post the final decision tomorrow on our website and Facebook.

Kind regards Cliff

25th February - Mick Barwood

Dear Members

It has been agreed by the committee that membership fees will increase for the coming new season owing to the Society receiving increases on Land rents. We have resisted increasing fees for some time but unfortunately it's now become necessary to help cover some of these increases.

The committee feel that our new fees are very much in line or lower than neighbouring county angling clubs and continue offer good value for money for annual fishing on our waters.

New fees will be posted on our website in due course.

Regards Mick Barwood

21st February - Ian Lusher

Hello to the membership 

This is an update after the storms we've had.

Langham ponds and the river above the flumes is closed until further notice.

The river from the flumes down is open at the moment but is very close to flooding, its the same downstream all the way to the end of the cps stretch. Please be careful on the river .

Buckbricks complex 

Bb1 is fishable on some swims be careful.

Bb2 swims 1 and 6 are unfishable the rest is ok 

Bb3 closed lots of tree damage its very unsafe 

Estate team will do their best to get bb3 open asap 

The glebe is fishable but the path around is blocked on the far bank from the cark park.

Please be sensible around there the Estate team will do the best on there as well asap

Pondhouse is fishable except 2 swims

There will be a roped off area on the carkpark bank (swims 6 &7)

DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA there is a unsafe tree that needs to be delt with .

On the other side the public footpath has got a fallen tree over it from the walnut grove please be careful round this 

The Estate team and the bailiff will be doing their best to get all the waters open as quickly as possible so please bear with us at this time 

Many thanks


19th February - Committee

Dear Members

An update for you all. 

Langham lakes has been hard it by the storm with trees down, paths blocked and some about to fall. Therefore Langham lakes will remain closed until these get sorted. Both lake gates have had the combination changed so no access.

As there has been another weather warning forecast for today, tomorrow and into Monday, all waters will still remain closed until further notice.

Thanks for your understanding.

18th February - Committee

Urgent! Members please be advised that all waters are closed this weekend because of the weather.

Should be ok by Monday.

Thanks for your understanding but we are sure you all agree safety is paramount.

17th February - Committee

Dear Members

Please be vigilant and careful on our waters at this horrible time. Wind strength is bound to cause tree falls and weaknesses. 

Stay safe!

3rd February - Committee

Dear all Members.

We are very pleased to announce that we are joining the Angling Trust Coaching Initiative to provide all our members, Juniors and some Seniors, the opportunity for coaching sessions in all variety of fishing methods. Our Society logo will be added to the ACI site soon.

We hope to have some of our waters approved for the 2023/24 season following risk assessments (2022/23  waters are already allocated) This will then allow our members to enjoy such coaching on our waters too.

However, for this coming season, coaching will be available at Essex based fishing clubs and members can sign up to these sessions by visiting the links below to see the schedules.

Moreover, the Angling Trust are in urgent search for experienced anglers to volunteer to become coaches because there has been a significant demand for coaching, although it stuttered a bit during the 2020 COVID period. If any of our members are able to help please visit the links below to see more info and then make contact with Chris Burt, whose details are listed below, if you would like to get involved. There are coaching certification at levels and 1 and 2 if you would like to extend coaching to this level.

So to commence with please see the following communication from Tom Humphries, Angling Trust Regional Angling Development Officer for the East of England

To all experienced Anglers 


One of our key partners in your area are the brilliant team at Angling Coaching Initiative (ACI). They deliver fantastic and very affordable fishing coaching both at weekends & school holidays, regularly throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn to budding young anglers;  the very future of our sport. It is aimed primarily at juniors aged 8 to 16, both for newcomers and those seeking to develop their skills, but we also take non-fishing parents/guardians to further enhance the ability of families to fish together. In the 2021 season they managed to provide 16 coaching sessions using waters provided by three local fishing clubs with over 200 participants.

The most significant challenge ACI face is that the demand for places far outweighs the supply of volunteer coaches; not everyone can be catered for. However, they are seeking to increase the number of places available next season, but this can only happen if they can secure a significant number of new volunteers to help coach the youngsters. We are asking for anybody who is interested in spending even a few days over the season by passing on your knowledge and experience to a young person, to please come forward. You never know, you could get a youngster hooked for life. If you then find that coaching is for you, the team will even help you to obtain a formal coaching qualification with the Angling Trust. 

ACI need to secure the volunteers, well in advance of the start of the 2022 coaching season, so they can advertise to fill those student places and plan to have all the arrangements in place geared round the number of volunteers who come forward. 

I promise, there is no greater feeling than when you help someone to catch their very first fish.

For more information about coaching with the ACI, please contact Chris Burt 07917 781299, or email aci.info@anglingcoachinginitiative.co.uk

Website:  https://anglingcoachinginitiative.co.uk/ 

Tom Humphreys

Angling Trust

3rd February - Barry Took

Results for the 1st Rd beach match held at Holland On Sea on Sunday 30th January. 

1st was Dave Woodland with 2lb 8oz

2nd was Barry Took 2lb 2oz

3rd was Mark White with 1lb 15oz

It was a great day with the weather providing a full day of sunshine for all. 6 members all enjoyed a great day on the beach!

Regards Barry

28th January 2022 - Committee

The Committee have agreed that it would be a good idea for our members to start to communicate their catches to us.

Therefore, using our Contact page on this website, please could we kindly ask members to start to feedback their catches each week and we will then post a monthly catch report on the website for you all to view.

We will need the water you were fishing (not exact swim) and date, the total weight caught, which can be your close approximation if not weighed, the variety of fish caught and bait/s being used, plus any significant weight of an individual fish.
It is also just as important to feed back a days fishing where you do not catch anything.
We believe this step will allow all our members to know how waters are currently fishing and where to head to.
We hope you will all support this please as we believe it will be beneficial to you all - Many Thanks

28th January 2022 - Shaun Vandersteen
Please be advised that Bucbricks 3 will be closed all day all the 11th February and all day on the 20th February for general maintenance work

28th January 2022 - Committee

Please could we remind that Members who are parking on Stratford High Street that you allow more than enough distance from entrances to residents garages and driveways. We have received some feedback from the residents that they are occasionally having some issues. Although it doesn't mean it is us causing this issues we acknowledged their concerns and would put a polite message to you all. Many thanks.

11th January - Shaun Vandersteen

A few pictures taken at BB3 on Sunday have been added to our photo gallery under General.
A good turnout from members and a lot achieved on the day in our quest to improve this water.

1st January - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Firstly Happy New Year to you all.

Please be aware that BB3 will be closed all day on Sunday the 9th January for general maintenance and improvements. If you are able to assist at any time during the day please let me know

29th December - Barry Took

Hope you all had a good Xmas.

I am advertising that there will be a 1st Rd Beach match at Holland On Sea on the 30th January, starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm.

This will be followed by a 2nd Rd match, 4-5 weeks later which I will later confirm.

Any member wishing to enter, please contact me on 07941 724543

17th December - Cliff Sturley
Please note that Bucbricks 2 will be open this coming Sunday as no match taking place there.

14th December - Committee

Dear members

We can confirm that our Langham complex has been reopened today as the water has sufficiently receded

14th December - Committee

Dear members

The Committee are delighted to announce that in January 2022, it will start on a phased program of improvements to our Ardleigh waters, starting with Bucbricks 3.

With the support and backing of the EA, work will start on Sunday 9th January by clearing the lake of all trees/branches and weeds, address the shoring up of banks, removing previous un-natural structures and debris, then improving swims and walkways.

Once complete, the lake will be netted and some mirror and common carp transferred to Bucbricks 2 along with maybe some larger bream to allow further growth of the remaining stock.

This will be followed by an increase in water vegetation being planted such as lily pads.

Last week, courtesy of the EA, we put in 250 crusians and 250 tench in 3. A big thank you to them which was funded by rod licence money they receive each year.

Video and pictures can be found in our photo gallery under General.

If anyone wishes to help with these improvements please let our Estates Officer, Shaun Vandersteen know. His details can be found on our website.

CPS Committee

12th December - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear members

A notice to you all that the owner of Glebe Farm is closing the lake to CPS on the 18th December and the 28th December 2021 for private functions, so no fishing.

12th December - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear all members.

Please be advised that our Langham complex has had to be closed with immediate effect owing to flooding. We will advise in due course when it can be reopened.

29th November - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

We are very pleased to announce that the porta loo at our Langham complex is now operational. Entry code is the same as the gate code.

Please help us all to look after the cleanliness of this facility and ask everyone to leave it in a state you would be proud to enter into.

Many thanks


26th November - Cliff Sturley
Please be advised that Bucbricks 2 will be open as usual this coming Sunday. The scheduled match fixture has been cancelled.

15th November - Cliff Sturley

Result of the Croydon Cup match fished at Bucbricks 3 yesterday.

1st - John Popkin - 11lb 8oz

2nd - Bert Gill - 2lb 6oz

3rd - Cliff Sturley - 2lb 4oz

Congratulations to John on winning the Cup

7th November - Cliff Sturley
A reminder to all members that next Sunday, 14th November, Bucbricks 3 will be closed from sunrise to around 3pm for the scheduled fishing match. Those members wishing to participate to please contact me by Thursday evening. We will be fishing for the Croydon Cup.

7th November - Cliff Sturley

Result of the Saturday Sweepstake on the Stratford Mill river stretch yesterday 6th November
1st - Gareth Hicks - 11lb 9oz
2nd - Cliff Sturley - 7lb 3oz
3rd - John Popkin - 2lb 14oz
Lots of Silver fish and Perch showing. Well done Gareth

5th November - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear members

We are pleased to advise that we now have had a port a loo delivered at Langham. It's not yet in operation but will be soon and we will let you all know as soon as it. So please don't try to access until we advise.


Shaun Vandersteen

3rd November - Mick Barwood
A note to advise you all that the funeral of Nigel Cumin, our previous President, will be taking place at the Colchester Crematorium on November 16th at 10.15am

2nd November - Cliff Sturley

Dear members

This is a reminder that there is a scheduled match at our Stratford Mill stretch this coming Saturday 6th November.

Therefore this water stretch will be closed from sunrise until about 3pm.

If any member would like to be involved in this friendly competition please email by Thursday evening @ cliffsturley@googlemail.com.

£5 sweepstake entry fee

24th October - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear Members

Please be aware that all Langham Lakes will be closed from 8am to 1pm on Sunday 31st October for maintenance by a working party. 

If you are booked in overnight Saturday that is still ok Ian Lusher will advise accordingly. River sections are not affected.

Anyone able to come along and assist please let me know. Thank you

23rd October - Mick Barwood
It is with great sadness I announce the passing of our past president, Nigel Cumin yesterday, 22nd October 2021.
Nigel had been our President for over 20 years and will be sorely missed by all his family and his friends from CPS.
Our condolences and sympathy goes out to all his family.
Mick Barwood

18th October - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to John Popkin who has won the Wilf Tolhurst Memorial Trophy. Following a very difficult days fishing in Rd 2 at Black Barn yesterday, John managed to bag a few to add to his 1st round weight and subsequent win overall.
Roy Moore came 2nd on the day, followed by Angela Barwood in 3rd.

Ann Tolhurst was in attendance and Mick Barwood presented her with a cheque from our Society for £350 in aid of Charity - EACH.
Ann also made the presentation of the trophy to John Popkin.
Photo taken can be found in our Members Photo Gallery under 'General'

Result of combined Rounds of the Wilf Tolhurst Memorial
1st - John Popkin - 4lb 10oz
2nd - Angela Barwood - 2lb 8oz 1d
3rd Gareth Hicks - 2lb 6oz

11th October - Cliff Sturley
The Black Barn stretch of the river will be closed from sunrise to approximately 3pm this coming Sunday 17th October. The 2nd round match for the Wilf Tolhurst Trophy taking place.
Please let me know by Thursday evening latest if you would like to fish this match. John Popkin in the lead from round 1 with 3lb 9oz. Entry fee £10 charity donation to EACH 

11th October - Mark White.
Saltwater matches results held on the 10th October. Lots of nice Bass caught - see picture on our Photo Gallery.

CO-OP cup - heaviest fish wins
1st B Took 5-8-0
2nd S Putman 4-15-0

1st round of Olivant Cup - total weight
1st G Leeks 16-3-0
2nd S Putman 14-6-0
3rd B Took 13-6-0

8th October - Cliff Sturley

Please be advised that the fishing match at the Glebe this coming Sunday 10th October has been postponed.

The match will be rescheduled in the coming weeks.

28th September - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear members.

A work party will be at Glebe Farm this Sunday morning 3rd October for a short while carrying out some general tidying up and maintenance. Members can still fish.

Regards Shaun

27th September - Cliff Sturley

Attention all members. Has anyone left a landing net pole at Pond House? If so please text 07775 501125 with your telephone number and I will get back to you.

Also has anyone found a blue water bottle in the car park at Pond House as a member has reported this lost there yesterday?

27th September - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to Katie Burgess on winning the Juniors competition on Sunday with a weight of 11lb 6oz. Runner up was Anya Lusher with 2lb 6oz. 4 fished the match.

Combining the 2 Junior Rounds resulted in Katie Burgess winning the Junior Trophy with a total weight of 21lb 4oz with Anya Lusher runner up with 16lb 11oz. Congratulations to Katie.

24th September -  Barry Took
Please be advised that strimming work will be taking place along the river behind Langham 1over the next few days. Thanks Barry

21st September - Cliff Sturley
A note to all members that Pond House will be closed this coming Sunday 26th September, from sunrise to around 2pm for the rescheduled round 2 Juniors match.

19th September - Cliff Sturley

Great day at our Black Barn river stretch today with the weather holding up for the committee match.

8 fished the match.

Winner was John Popkin with a total of 4lb 2oz of silver's with a nice 9oz Roach.

2nd was Gareth Hicks with 2lb 14oz and third was Ian Lusher with 1lb 7oz

17th September - Cliff Sturley
Just a reminder to all members that the Black Barn river stretch will be closed from sunrise to around 3pm this Sunday 19th September for a scheduled fishing match.

12th September - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to Anya Lusher today winning the Barwood Ladies and Junior girls competition at Langham 3 with a total weight of 2lb 5oz. Very tough fishing in the heat today.

Runner up was Angela Barwood with 4oz.

10th September - Cliff Sturley
Just a reminder to all members that Langham 3 will be closed from sunrise to around 2pm this Sunday 12th September for scheduled fishing match.

4th September - Shaun Vandersteen

Notice to all members. The main bridge across the stream to Langham Lakes will be out of use tomorrow Sunday 5th September.

Work is being carried out to enhance the bridge with composite decking. Please use the other bridge closest to the main river to access the lakes. Thank you Shaun.

1st September - Cliff Sturley
Owing to significant weed build up in Langham 1 the Barwood Ladies and Junior Girls match on the 12th September has been moved to Langham 3 

31st August - Mark White
Unfortunately I have had to cancel the sea boat trip on the 26th September.

29th August - Cliff Sturley

A great family pairs competition today at Pond House.

Winner was Archie and Lee Boorman with a total weight of 20lb 7oz to take the trophy.

Runner up was George and John Popkin with 15lb 4oz.

26th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Please note that I will be at Langham 1 this Monday morning 30th August carrying out some general maintenance work. If you're fishing please try to ignore me but it's work that's needed. I'm off work that day so have got some time to get it done.

Thanks for your understanding.

23rd August - Cliff Sturley
A reminder to all members that Pond House will be closed this coming Sunday 29th August from sunrise to 2pm for the scheduled Family Pairs Match.
Any further entries by this Thursday evening please.

12th August - Barry Took

Dear Members

We have put crayfish traps at bb2 and bb3 today. Please can we politely ask you all not to interfere with or touch these traps. It doesn't affect your fishing at all but we need to reduce these guys from our waters.

Thanks for kind assistance.

Regards Barry Took

11th August - Shaun Vandersteen

I am pleased to inform you all that following a meeting today with SRC, who control the Bucbricks complex, they have agreed to help with developing car parks on both B1 and B2/3

B1 will be happening sooner rather than later as this is a priority.

B2/3 will be in the next 12-18 months.

We have also been given the ok to redevelop the field side at BB2 as we wish and we can also put a port a loo in the grounds of B2 at some stage in the future.

SRC have also instructed their HGV fleet not to park in any allotted CPS parking zones. If you encounter this  happening, take the reg number and let me know please.

10th August - Cliff Sturley

The Juniors Rd 2 match at Pond House has been rescheduled for the 26th September 2021.

Please see the fixtures list on our website for more details.

Also, a reminder to register for the family pairs match at Pond House on Sunday 29th August.

Grandparent or Parent plus a family Junior to pair up and both fish from the same swim. Should be a good experience for our Juniors to enjoy as well as the adults.

Give me a call on 07775 501125 to enter.

8th August - Cliff Sturley
A great day at Buckbricks 3 today fishing for the Brigade Trophy.
Nice Bream caught by all and a superb Crucian Carp by the Neil the eventual winner.
1st - Neil Ellis -13lb 8oz
2nd - Gareth Hicks - 9lb 7oz
3rd - Cliff Sturley - 4lb 1oz

2nd August - Cliff Sturley
A reminder that Buckbricks 3 will be closed from sunrise until about 3pm this coming Sunday 8th August for the combined rounds of the Brigade Trophy.
Anyone wishing to fish the match to please contact me by this coming Thursday evening, at the latest on 07775 501125.
Regards Cliff

2nd August - Cliff Sturley
Results for the Wilf Tolhurst Memorial 1st Rd Match at Black Barn yesterday.
1st - John Popkin - 3lb 9oz
2nd - Angela Barwood - 2lb 8oz
3rd - Gareth Hicks - 2lb 6oz
Well done to John on a difficult day with just silvers showing.

30th July - Committee

The CPS Committee report that our membership subscriptions are now full and therefore will not be processing any more new membership applications this season as of Saturday 31st July 2021.

Any new requests will enter a waiting list for the 2022/23 membership year.

30th July - Committee

The CPS Committee report that our membership subscriptions are now full and therefore will not be processing any more new membership applications this season as of Saturday 31st July 2021.

Any new requests will enter a waiting list for the 2022/23 membership year.

26th July - Cliff Sturley

This Sunday coming, 1st August, the Black Barn river stretch will be closed from sunrise to around 3pm for the scheduled Wilf Tolhurst Memorial Match Rd 1

Entry is by donation to our supported charity E.A.C.H. of £10.

To make everyone aware, this stretch of water is awarded to us by the Tolhurst family and what we are charged each season they donate to this charity. The memorial match donations we present to them are our appreciation to the current Tolhurst family of holding this stretch of water and of course in memory of the late Wilf Tolhurt, who entrusted CPS with the waters on his land, of which his family continues to do so.

We have a few names down to fish the match so if you would like to join us please contact me no later than Thursday evening on 07775 501125 so that we can ensure we prepare enough swims.

24th July - Shaun Vandersteen
This is a message to all members that the lakes on our Langham complex will be closed next Sunday 1st August from 8am and 1pm for weed removal, any one wishing to help please contact me.

25th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Dear all members, especially our new ones.

Please can you ensure when going to Pond House fishing you do not turn into the long driveway where the sign says Pond House. This is the owners house access and you cannot get to the lake from there. Access to the lake is about 200 yards away, via a metal padlock gate, same side, directly from the road. Please refer to CPS maps sent to you for further guidance.

Steve the owner has had members going down the drive and then getting stuck in mud by taking a left turn at the end of the driveway and down the hill.

23rd July - Cliff Sturley
Please be advised that Pond House will be open all day Sunday as the Juniors match has had to be rescheduled owing to Illness. New date to be advised

17th July - Ian Lusher

As of the 19th of July, day anglers no longer need to inform the bailiff when fishing on the langham complex.

Night fishing however still needs to be booked with the bailiff which currently is myself.

Maximum of 6 anglers overnight

17th July - Cliff Sturley
Please be advised that Pond House will be closed Sunday 25th July from sunrise to around 2pm for our Juniors match. We had 6 Juniors fish the last match which was a great turnout and so it would be nice to see some more of our Junior members joining in this fun event. Parents/Grandparents can assist Junior's.
Please contact me no later than Thursday evening next week to register your entry on 07775501125.

15th July - Cliff Sturley
Please be advised that Glebe Farm will not be closed this coming Saturday morning 17th,  as the Sweepstake match has been cancelled.

12th July - Cliff Sturley
Winner of the Dave and Tim Soanes Memorial today at Black Barn river section was Cliff Sturley with a total weight of 38lb 4oz.
Also a PB for Cliff with a superb bream of 9lb 9oz.
Angela Barwood came in second with a weight of 4lb exactly and Mick Barwood 3rd with 3lb exactly.

6th July - Cliff Sturley

This coming Sunday morning marks a memorial for the loss of 2 valued CPS members, amongst others we have sadly lost. Dave and Tim Soanes

Dave helped our Society to hold some friendly competitions for our members as Match Secretary over many years.

Furthermore, his brother Tim, who supported most of these competitions each month and beyond, despite his serious illness, 

We really hope we can count on our members to support their memorial this Sunday at Black Barn for a scheduled match in their honour.

Please contact me by this Thursday evening latest to book your place in this competition.

Many thanks. 

Cliff Sturley 07775 501125

5th July - Head Bailiff

Dear Members

Can we please remind you all to ensure that you have your valid rod licence with you at all times as well as your membership licence when fishing our water's.

Yesterday, a member was found fishing without a rod licence and claiming he had left it at home. He was asked to pack up and leave, which for us as Bailiffs, isn't a nice experience and we wish to avoid.

A subsequent check with the EA on their rod licence register found he did not hold a valid rod licence! 

Had this been an EA officer and not one of our own bailiffs, the member may of been faced with an immediate £2500 fine and probably membership suspension. 

The matter is with the Committee to deal with.

Many thanks for your assistance

2nd July - Cliff Sturley
Just to advise that Bucbricks 2 will be open this Sunday as the scheduled competition taking place has been cancelled.
Next competition is at Black Barn on the 11th July. Its the Dave & Tim Soanes Memorial. Draw 8am

27th June - Cliff Sturley

Great day for the Junior section with 6 members participating.

Anya was the winner on the day totalling 14lb 5oz, Chloe was runner up with 10lb 5oz and Katie 3rd 9lb 14oz.

All to play for in the second round!

26th June - Cliff Sturley

Just to advise that the hogweed at Bucbricks 2 has been dealt with where a member was fishing. Many thanks to Ben.

No more was found but airing on caution please continue to where boots and trousers and avoid touching vegetation with bare hands in case more start to appear.

19th June - Gareth Hicks
As we progress with the new season please can we remind all members that CPS has strict rules on who enters our fishing waters.
Members are allowed to take their partner and their children or grandchildren with them whilst fishing.

However, members are not allowed to take or invite friends to our waters without the friends having a rod licence and be in possession of a valid day fishing guest ticket that members can purchase from the Society.

Members not adhering to the above will be asked to vacate our fishery immediately and will be reported to the Society's Committee for review.
The outcome of the review will be communicated to the member in writing.
Thank you for your kind support and adherence.

19th June - Cliff Sturley
A reminder to all members that Pond House will be closed next Sunday from sunrise to around 2pm for the scheduled 1st round of the Juniors Match.

Spaces are still available to all Juniors and don't forget adults can assist Juniors at all times.
It's about fun and getting our Juniors enthused, because they are hopefully our future adult members and potential match anglers.
£15 Amazon voucher for the winner on the day and £5 for the runner up.

19th June - Cliff Sturley
Fantastic result at the sweepstake match at Pond House today. New member John Popkin won with a total weight of 74lb 13oz to take the winner takes all pool. Well done John.

13th June - Shaun Vandersteen

Important notice - There may be dangerous Giant Hogweed on Bucbricks 2. 

Member was fishing in shorts and got stung. He now has large burn like blister on his leg. This stuff is very dangerous and can blind you, it destroys your skin's ability to protect you from the sun's UV rays. We are checking it out so until further notice please wear trousers and boots and do not touch vegetation with bear hands.
Member was fishing peg 25 but it may be in other areas.

13th June - Shaun Vandersteen

No fishing from the point on Langham 1 - Area has been roped off.

Today the work party managed to remove the fallen tree from the point on Langham 1. However it is still very snaggy below water and therefore to protect from tethering, the point has been roped off to stop anyone fishing there. It did also impinge on members fishing pegs 3 to 5 when anyone did fish there, which members had reported, so this resolves this too.

13th June - Mark Optum

Sea Match result today at West Mersea
D Saunders Memorial
Heaviest fish wins
1st G Leeks 9-12-0
2nd R Barbrook 7-12-0

I have postponed the CO-OP Cup to be fished on August 29 due to lack of support.
The CO-OP Cup has now been rescheduled to the September 26th to be fished at the same time as Olivant Cup Rnd 1

8th June 2021 - Cliff Sturley
A reminder to all members that there is a Saturday Sweepstake match at Pond House next Saturday 19th June therefore the water will closed from sunrise until approximately 2pm that day. If anyone wishes to participate in the match please contact me on 07775501125.

6th June 2021 - Shaun Vandersteen
Please note that Langham Ponds will be closed this coming Sunday morning until approx 1pm for work party activities. If you can help us please let me know.

31st May - Angela Barwood
Membership renewals are now overdue from tomorrow so please ensure if you want to renew for another season you need to submit your application forms back asap and no later than the 10th June.

Membership numbers are now getting very close to our limits so don't lose out if you are an existing member. We don't want anyone to be disappointed if it is later decided to cease taking on new members and renewals.

28th May - Shaun Vandersteen
Please be aware the code to all gates will be changed this weekend to the new code on your membership card and fixtures list for this coming season commencing 1st June 2021.

28th May - Mark White

Please find below the results of two recent Sea Water matches.

Thornback challenge 18/04/21 Heaviest fish wins

   1st    B took   10-5-0

   2nd   J Lawrence     8-0-0

Pleasure trip  16/05/21 Heaviest fish wins

     1st    S Putman   7-4-0

     2nd  D Woodland   7-1-0

23rd May - Cliff Sturley
The winning fish at the Specimen Fish night match on the Langham Lake 1 this weekend was a Tench at 7lb 11oz. Fortunately for me this was caught by myself. Many thanks to those who took part.
Perhaps next year we can have the maximum number given this was the first for a while but 6 is most definitely the maximum.
Regards Cliff

21st May - Shaun Vandersteen

A reminder to all members that BB3 will be closed this Sunday morning for maintenance work by our working party.

15th - Cliff Sturley
A reminder to all Members that Langham Ponds - Lake 1 will be closed from 8pm Friday 21st May until around Midday Sunday 23rd May for the scheduled 24hr Match.

There are 2 places left if you would like to join us however I will need to know by 8pm Thursday 20th at the latest. Please Email me with your mobile number on cliffsturley@googlemail.com if you do.

2nd May - Shaun Vandersteen

First section of steps done on B3, this is work in progress so please be careful. Will hope to get finished next weekend! 

No hand rail at the moment so please be careful. See link below to take a look.


1st May - Cliff Sturley
Not long now until our final fishing competition of the season.
Langham 1 is on offer for our 24hr specimen fish match this month, 22nd and 23rd May, with a free BBQ Saturday evening.
Just 3 places still available so please contact me on 07775 501125 or email me on cliffsturley@googlemail.com if you wish to participate.

26th April - Mick Barwood

Members are reminded that it is not permitted to use or have in their possession a firearm or weapon of any description on any Club waters. Any member found using or being in possession of a firearm or weapon on Club waters will be subject to disciplinary action.

5th April - Ian Lusher

Good evening all 

Just a reminder that if you go onto the langham complex (even just to have a look around) you MUST text the bailiff upon arrival and departure please

And also be aware that there is a goose nesting on the lefthand side on Langham 1 so please dont go past the cordon ropes as we don't want her disturbed too much.

Cheers all

19th March - Ian Lusher
Hi everyone.
Has anyone lost a sonar device on BB2?
Also a note to say Langham is closed for the work party this coming Sunday 21st, and night fishing on langham will be allowed from Friday the 2nd of April. Please remember you still need to book on with me as we still have limited spaces.

16th March - Cliff Sturley
Please visit the link below regarding the Angling Trust statement on fishing guidelines from the 29th March. Night fishing at Langham lakes is still bookable.


14th March - Cliff Sturley

Freshwater and Saltwater Match Fixtures are now out.

Please see our website for early viewing. Hard copies will start to be mailed out to all members from tomorrow.
Book early to secure your places

12th March - Cliff Sturley

Assistant Fresh Water Match Secretary Vacancy

This coming season we have had to reduce the number of match fixtures because we are In need of an assistant to help with the number of matches we normally arrange.
Once we are able to appoint an assistant we can then increase the number of matches for next season.
Ideally, the assistant will be able to look after all matches on our Bucbricks complex next season and assist occasionally at other waters to cover for hols etc.

If anyone is interested please contact me via the contact us page on this website and I will submit all names received to the Committee.
At the next available Committee meeting all those interested will be reviewed and a selection made.

19th February -  Cliff Sturley
Shaun has now communicated the work parties planned and he also mentioned the 24hr Fishing Match on the 22nd & 23rd May at Langham 1

The match is listed on the up and coming Fixtures List which everyone will receive on Membership Renewals this year, but as its been mentioned and its in May prior to Membership start date, I thought I should advise of some details now.
Maximum of 8 entries and a minimum of 4 for it to take place.
Its a Specimen Fish Match with only the following fish qualifying.
Carp, Tench, & Bream.
Its a catch and release match as no keep nets allowed.
Prior to release, your catch must be witnessed by a neighbouring peg member, a photo taken and must be weighed on the provided scales which will be located at a designated point for all to access. If you catch any other specimen fish, still do the same as above and this will be logged on our Specimen Trophy list for the season.
More details will be provided on the day on how the match will be judged.

Obviously, this Match is still subject to Covid regulations allowing.

18th February - Shaun Vandersteen

Working Parties

We will be starting them on the 21st March and will be holding them every Sunday morning between 8.30 & 12 the last one being on the 13th June. Members will have to contact myself via text or email to book on work party as we are limited at the moment to 10 Members per working party. We can actually have 15 but I would keep it to 10 plus myself and Ian, that will allow for Chairman to turn up if he wishes and also allow land owners to get involved if they wish. Members would have to bring their own PPE, ie. gloves, masks and hand sanitizer and stick to guide lines and social distancing.

Locations will be:

21ST March Langham

28th March Glebe Farm

4th April Pondhouse

11th April Bucbricks 1

18th April Bucbricks 2

25th April Bucbricks 2

2nd May Bucbricks 3

9th May Bucbricks 3

16th May TBA (will depend how work goes on Bucbricks Complex as to where this will be held)

23rd May TBA (will depend how work goes on Bucbricks Complex as to where this will be held) Note 24hr Match on Langham 1 22nd & 23rd May

30TH May Glebe Farm

6TH June Pondhouse

13TH June Langham

These will all be depending on the weather etc. But again with members booking on, I can message them on the morning of the work party if I need to cancel it.

Thanks and tight lines all

8th February - Cliff Sturley
Hi Everyone, just a further reminder to all Members to please subscribe
to our Website. We have had several more subscribe since my last message but we are still less than a third of Members on the list. We do not want to start using this medium until we have most, if not all, subscribed.

This will enable the Club to email urgent and important messages to everyone in the future as well as putting them on the Website and Facebook. However, not everyone reviews either one daily so an urgent message by email will get to you more efficiently.
For example; typically you would get an email to inform you when Langham Complex is reopened.
You will also receive future Membership Renewal Forms and copies of our Newsletter attached to an email. This will all save the Club £££s on postage in the future.
To subscribe, please click into the head and shoulder silhouette on the home page, complete the form fully and send. You will then be set up for when its all launched in the future. You can unsubscribe at any time should you longer wish to receive the emails or are no longer a Member.
Just send a message via our Website's Contact Us page.
Thank you
Keep well and stay safe.

7th January - Ian Lusher

Hello all 

Really good news

The angling trust has just announced that we are allowed to go fishing again from today. Note though, no night fishing or match fishing allowed.

Please open the link below to read their announcement and please follow these angling trust guidelines 


Tight lines and stay safe everyone.

5th January - Ian Lusher
Unfortunately, under Lockdown measures, we are unable to go fishing from midnight tonight, until further notice.
Please see below the link to the Angling Trust announcement tonight.

It is imperative all members abide by this announcement.


29th December - CPS Committee
Unfortunately we announce that
Donny Ralph, a lifetime member and great CPS character, sadly passed away today. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

17th December - Cliff Sturley
Please see our new video on CPS River Stretches page on this website. If you wish to hear background music whilst viewing just click on video and deselect mute option. Good option!
Although some editing and music was required can I say a massive thank you to member Keith Nixon and his son for providing the excellent drone footage and the time it took. It is hoped we can complete the same for our lakes some time next year. Enjoy 😊

15th December - Cliff Sturley
Hi Everyone.
On the 28th October I sent a message to kindly ask all members to start to subscribe to our Website, so in the future we can alert you all of any urgent messages by email (like recently Langham Complex is closed) plus a lot more.
Thank you to all those that have done so, so far.

I know not everyone looks at our website Members News Feed weekly, as recommended, but to give you an example recently, not everyone knew about Keep Net bans (which has since been lifted)
Had they viewed the website they would have known.
However, if we have a members emailing list, most of you would have known as we would have sent an email to you as soon as it was announced, as well as putting it on our website for those that do not have access to email.

Going forward, we would potentially start to use this medium for membership renewals and reminders plus more, saving the Society costs which ultimately goes towards keeping Membership fees down.

Please can I remind members and Committee Members to start to subscribe asap (see how to 28th October message) We have circa 400 Members and only 25 Subscribed so far.
Thank you

6th December - CPS Committee
Dear all members.
Following our continued investigations and communications with the EA, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to remove, with immediate effect, the ban of keep nets. We know this has caused a lot of unhappiness whilst they were banned, but really do appreciate your support and understanding whilst we are sorting this alleged breach of covid rules out by some members whilst in lockdown.

2nd December - Mick Barwood

With the current lockdown rules coming to an end at midnight tonight, I am pleased to say, that having previously removed the rule of 6 Anglers only at each lake, we can now adopt the new regulatiions of rule of 6 outside from 2 on all our waters, effective from the 3rd December.
We are now guided by the tier 2 system rules and regulations, so please make sure you are familiar with them going forward.

Please also remember to remain socially distanced from anyone on all our waters that are not from your household, or support bubble, as the EA are patrolling our waters.

1st December - CPS Committee

Under the current Government Rules & Regulations regarding COVID19, NO Matches can take place, either Club Matches or Private Matches.
This is also a rule in place by the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust, all of which the Club comes under.

Unfortunately, on November 22nd under lockdown, a Private gathering took place at Bucbricks 2.
This was reported by 2 other Anglers to the Environment Agency who were enraged at such behaviour under Covid regulations. This behaviour can lead up to a £10,000 Fine.

In turn, the Environment Agency have instructed the Club to put in a TOTAL KEEPNET BAN on ALL our waters and will be monitoring all our waters from now on.

They have also instructed us to take disciplinary action to those concerned. This will be dealt with by the Committee.

We understand this keepnet ban has caused much annoyance to many of our Members, but this is an Environment Agency directive and not CPS.

Please keep well and stay safe under the present lockdown conditions.

1st December - Shaun Vandersteen

Please be advised that tree surgeons are working down at our Langham complex this week. Please be careful and courteous if they need you to move swim for a while for safety reasons. Thank you

27th November - Mick Barwood

Please be advised that all postponed Freshwater matches in November this year and those matches scheduled in December are now cancelled. The Croydon Cup 2nd Round may be rescheduled before the 14th March next year subject to committee meeting approval. Next year's Pike Match still goes ahead.

25th November - Mick Barwood

Following our dialogue with the EA, we are pleased to say we can now lift the restriction of 6 per lake with immediate effect, so long as we all ensure we hold a strict rule of two going forward and no keep nets are used on any water. Even with the new guidelines from the 2nd December coming into force that it can be 6, there is no need for us to adopt this as it's too risky for us to face a potential £10k fine. Let's all enjoy fishing in lock down conditions doing what we were all doing, just without keep nets.

Many thanks for your understanding.

24th November - Mick Barwood

Unfortunately, and with immediate effect, we are having to restrict the numbers on all lakes and suspend the use of keep nets until further notice! 

The EA and Essex/Suffolk Police are visiting waters to check for any signs of social angling gatherings taking place or any matches or 'unauthorised' matches. This comes with a £10,000 if caught.

We won’t be running a booking system (apart from Langham, which nights are still by booking only)

All our Lakes are now restricted to 6 anglers/households.

If from the same household, ie husband/wife, father/son, etc. this could then be more than 6.

Notices will be put up on the gates on each lake explaining this. Basically, if you turn up and 6 are fishing, all from different households, unfortunately you will be unable to fish there.

Restrictions on numbers do not apply to our Rivers.

Additionally, under no circumstances are keep nets to be used. By not using keep nets helps protect us all from being accused of any matches, or 'unauthorised' matches taking place.

Thank you all for your kind cooperation

23rd November - Cliff Sturley

With just under two weeks to go regarding the current lockdown, please can I remind everyone of our communication here on News Feed page dated the 4th November regarding the rule of 2.

Here is our communication once more -

The Angling Trust has issued initial guidance and say they will publish formal guidelines following further consultation with Sport England and the DCMS.

The Trust state "the regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us."

So to all Members, we can continue fishing as per above rules published until further notice. Please can we all ensure we keep to this rule of 2 to protect us being able to enjoy time fishing during lockdown. Thank you.

Unfortunately, fishing matches are all suspended until further notice`

14th November - Cliff Sturley
Member Paul Clemens, as asked if all members are aware of the National Line Recycle Scheme. Anyone interested can visit their Website

12th November - Cliff Sturley
Please be aware that a scammer is emailing in the name of our Chairman Mick Barwood. It appears to come from Mick, but if you look at the email address in details section, it's not Mick and you all know what Mick's email address is !!. This email is phishing for you to buy stuff for him and will reimburse you later. Then by you sending bank details etc. for reimbursement he's got you.
Mick would not ever do this as I'm sure you all know but be on guard. If you do get such an email just report as spam and do not open any links or attachments.

4th November - Cliff Sturley

The Angling Trust has issued initial guidance and say they will publish formal guidelines following further consultation with Sport England and the DCMS.

The Trust state "the regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us."

So to all Members, we can continue fishing as per above rules published until further notice. Please can we all ensure we keep to this rule of 2 to protect us being able to enjoy time fishing during lockdown. Thank you.

Unfortunately, fishing matches are all suspended until further notice`

30th October - Shaun Vandersteen


Please can I remind all members that all vehicles are to be parked in car park to the left after the gate. No vehicles allowed past the horse track.

28th October - Cliff Sturley

Could I ask all Members that have not yet discovered how to subscribe to our website, to now start to do so please, so that we can start to build up a messaging database, for CPS use only.

This is our future way forward on communications etc. and by subscribing, (those that are able to) CPS will then be able to contact everyone by email all at the same time, with no postal charges.

To subscribe, please go to our CPS website home page, preferably on a laptop or computer. On the left hand side, above the envelope and phone icons, you will see the head and shoulder silhouette. Enter here and complete the details.
You are then subscribed. You can request to be unsubscribed in the future at any time.
Thank you

12th October - Shaun Vandersteen

Please can I remind all Members that you must text the Bailiff whose number is detailed on the first gate on the Langham Complex, when you arrive and again when you leave. It is also detailed in this News Feed Page earlier. This applies to everyone regardless of where you are going fish, lake or river, or just having a walk around. An incident recently was reported to the Police and Land Owners so additional checks are in place by all. Thank you for co-operation.

25th September - Mick Barwood

Please can I remind all members that you MUST display your CPS Car Park badge in your vehicle. It has always been a Society Rule and is just as important as taking your Membership Card and Rod Licence with you.

Furthermore, with security on our waters at high alert at the moment, it has never been more important to do so to help identify unauthorised visitors, so it will not be tolerated by our Bailiffs to accept that you have forgotten it. It will reported back.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and trust you are all able to help us protect our waters and welcome member feedback of such vehicles without these badges as Shaun as communicated earlier. Bailiffs can not cover all waters 24/7, we all need to be vigilant.

25th September - Shaun Vandersteen

Hi all 

If anyone see's any suspicious activity on any CPS waters please contact us either by phone or through this website's contact us page asap. 

Please also report it to the Police and the EA incident line number which is 0800 807060 and get a incident reference number. 

A longline for poaching was found today on the Glebe and we need everyone's help to try and catch the culprits and to put a stop to this.

Also, if everyone could let us know of any vehicle parked in our car parks or outside our entrance gates that have no CPS car park badge displayed please.

Please take a note of the make, model and reg number. It's colour and the date and time parked there. If possible a picture too.

Many thanks

29th August - Ian Lusher

Please be advised that Langham Ponds complex has been able to get a relaxation on DAY fishing only. No need to book on but we still need to know who has been fishing everyday for Track and Trace purposes.
So instead, you now need to text me on 07881 374412 with the time you arrived and the time when you left along with your name and membership number.
If you can't text then telephone 01206 548595 between 0900 - 1700hrs leaving the same information.
Failure to do so jeopardises us all so please make sure you adhere to these new rules otherwise the committee will have no alternative to take some unpopular action.  Night fishing still remains a strict book on system direct with me before you attend. Thanks for your cooperation.

18th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Please can I ask all Members to not touch any of our Crayfish Traps - Thank you
Also, it is extremely important for you to carry your Membership Card and a valid Rod Licence with you when fishing. There has been a significant step up of water patrols, not only by our own Bailiffs. Anyone found fishing without these on them will be asked to stop fishing and leave. If its the EA it could result in a severe fine, if you fail to later provide a valid Rod Licence.
Please respect such requests to leave without any confrontation, even though you may have genuinely forgot for some reason, but its only you that has caused this action to be taken, no-one else.