25th September - Mick Barwood

Please can I remind all members that you MUST display your CPS Car Park badge in your vehicle. It has always been a Society Rule and is just as important as taking your Membership Card and Rod Licence with you.

Furthermore, with security on our waters at high alert at the moment, it has never been more important to do so to help identify unauthorised visitors, so it will not be tolerated by our Bailiffs to accept that you have forgotten it. It will reported back.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and trust you are all able to help us protect our waters and welcome member feedback of such vehicles without these badges as Shaun as communicated earlier. Bailiffs can not cover all waters 24/7, we all need to be vigilant.

25th September - Shaun Vandersteen

Hi all 

If anyone see's any suspicious activity on any CPS waters please contact us either by phone or through this website's contact us page asap. 

Please also report it to the Police and the EA incident line number which is 0800 807060 and get a incident reference number. 

A longline for poaching was found today on the Glebe and we need everyone's help to try and catch the culprits and to put a stop to this.

Also, if everyone could let us know of any vehicle parked in our car parks or outside our entrance gates that have no CPS car park badge displayed please.

Please take a note of the make, model and reg number. It's colour and the date and time parked there. If possible a picture too.

Many thanks 

Tight lines and stay safe

23rd September - Cliff Sturley

Croydon Cup Venues for Rounds 1 and 2 have been updated on the Match Fixtures List.
Round 1 - Langham 3 - 25th October
Round2 - Glebe Farm - 22nd November

23rd September - Shaun Vandersteen

There has been new fences and gates put up very recently at Stratford Mill and Black Barn stretch by the Landowner. Stratford Mill gate is the same CPS code to enter, however, the wooden bridge gate near the Wild Fowl lake has the Landlords padlock with a different code. We will communicate here once this has been authorised to be changed to our CPS code. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to fish over the bridge and upstream before the code is changed then please use our website contact page to advise us of the date you wish to fish, your membership number and full name.
We hope to get this padlock code changed asap and am very sorry to anyone who has already been caught out since this gate went up.

21st September - Cliff Sturley

Our member is struggling to get the videos of our waters completed for me to then put on the website. I have therefore taken off the page for the time being.

21st September - Cliff Sturley

A reminder that the Blackbarn River stretch will be closed this coming Sunday 27th Sept for a scheduled fishing match. River re-open for fishing from around 4pm onwards

21st September - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to Colin who just pipped Kim in the first of 4 rounds of the S Curtis Silver Series at Bucbricks 2 yesterday.
1st - Colin Booty - 19lb 8oz
2nd - Kim Naish - 18lb 4oz
3rd - Graham Dryden - 15lb 2oz

15th September - Dave Pilsworth

Result from the Barwood Ladies competition at Glebe Farm on Sunday
1st Angela Barwood - 4lb 12oz
2nd Anya Lusher - 1lb 14oz

15th September - Cliff Sturley

A reminder that Bucbricks 2 will be closed all day Sunday 20th September for a scheduled fishing match

14th September - Mark White

Here are the results for yesterdays sea match

D Saunders Memorial
1st G Leek 6-4-9
Joint second S Putman and B Took 4-4-0
Decided by heaviest fish

Olivant Cup 1st Round
1st S Putman 12-14-0
2nd M White 9-10-0

10th September - Cliff Sturley

A reminder that Glebe Farm is closed this Sunday 13th September for a scheduled fishing match

3rd September - Dave Pilsworth

The combined weights from Rounds 1 & 2 of the Brigade & Junior are detailed below.
Congratulations to Peter Beechener who came back in the 2nd round to pip Liz Larkin for the Brigade Trophy

1st - Peter Beechener 27lb 2oz
2nd - Liz Larkin 24lb 15oz
3rd - Graham Claridge 20lb 13oz

Congratulations also to Anya Lusher who won the Junior Trophy with a combined weight of 13lb 12oz
2nd place went to Edward Mason with a weight of 11lb 8oz

2nd September - Dave Pilsworth

Result for the SD Plumb teams of 4 competition at Bucbricks 3 on Sunday 30th August was as follows:-
1st - Liz Larkin and Graham Dryden 27lb 8oz
2nd - Matt Redgwell and Graham Claridge 20lb 0oz
Only 4 members fished this match

31st August - Mick Barwood

Just a reminder to all Committee Members to register your name with Dave Pilsworth for the Committee match at Black Barn on the 27th September. The earlier we can get numbers in the sooner we can attend to required swims - Thank you

29th August - Ian Lusher

Please be advised that Langham Ponds complex has been able to get a relaxation on DAY fishing only. No need to book on but we still need to know who has been fishing everyday for Track and Trace purposes.
So instead, you now need to text me on 07881 374412 with the time you arrived and the time when you left along with your name and membership number.
If you can't text then telephone 01206 548595 between 0900 - 1700hrs leaving the same information.
Failure to do so jepodises us all so please make sure you adhere to these new rules otherwise the committee will have no alternative to take some unpopular action.  Night fishing still remains a strict book on system direct with me before you attend. Thanks for your cooperation.

28th August - Cliff Sturley

Ladies and Junior Girls, the Barwood Ladies competition on the 13th September is fast approaching. Please contact Dave Pilsworth to register your place. Junior Girls can be aided by their parent when fishing a competition, for example, unhooking with a disgorger, landing a fish with a landing net and rod set ups.

28th August - Cliff Sturley

Just a reminder that there is a match taking place on Sunday 30th August at Bucbricks 3 so this water will be closed all day

24th August - Cliff Sturley

Congratulations to Graham Dryden who won the Brigade & Junior Round 2 Match at Bucbricks 2 yesterday. Graham just pipping Graham Claridge by 8oz
Congratulations also to Junior, Edward Mason, who with 11lb 8oz, came in 3rd overall on the day, and 1st on the day for the Juniors

1st - Graham Dryden - 13lb 12oz
2nd - Graham Claridge - 13lb 4oz
3rd - Edward Mason - 11lb 8oz
4th - Peter Beechener - 8lb 14oz

1st - Edward Mason - 11lb 8oz
2nd - Anya Lusher - 6lb 8oz

18th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Please can I ask all Members to not touch any of our Crayfish Traps - Thank you
Also, it is extremely important for you to carry your Membership Card and a valid Rod Licence with you when fishing. There has been a significant step up of water patrols, not only by our own Bailiffs. Anyone found fishing without these on them will be asked to stop fishing and leave. If its the EA it could result in a severe fine, if you fail to later provide a valid Rod Licence.
Please respect such requests to leave without any confrontation, even though you may have genuinely forgot for some reason, but its only you that has caused this action to be taken, no-one else. 

17th August - Dave Pilsworth

Congratulations to Shaun Plumb, who won the days competition at Ardleigh yesterday. Shaun wins the Coronation Bowl.
Congratulations too to Graham Claridge, who wins the Hopley Trophy
Results were as follows;
1st Shaun Plumb with16lb 8oz
2nd Graham Claridge with 13lb 6oz
3rd Alan Jones with 8lb 4oz
4th Graham Dryden with 7lb 2oz

15th August - Cliff Sturley

Please be advised that Bucbricks 2 will be closed on Sunday 23rd August for the 2nd round of the Brigade & Juniors match, as per fixture list. Please advise Dave Pilsworth should you wish to participate 

5th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Please be advised Bucbricks 3 will be closed from 8am to 12 noon this coming Saturday 7th August for weed clearance. More Members are needed to help clear this water to make pleasant fishing there so if you are free please come and join us. 

3rd August - Dave Pilsworth

Congratulations to Tim Soanes who won the first round of the Wilf Tolhurst Memorial on the Black Barn stretch of the River Stour yesterday. An excellent catch of 36lb 6oz, mainly of Bream. A good turnout with 13 Members fishing and raising £130 towards our nominated charity EACH.

1st August - Mark White

Please be advised that the Saltwater Match Fixtures have been rescheduled. The boat skipper had forgotten to put them in his diary. Check out the new dates and a kind reminder it's a maximum 8 per boat.

31st July - Cliff Sturley

Following the Committee meeting yesterday, the Guidelines and Notices document has been duly updated.

The main items were that:
Loose feed replaces ground bait and specific waters will now have restrictions detailed on the notice boards when entering on the amount one can use for each session.

50lb of fish per keep net considered best practice for all Members.

Unhooking Mats are to be used to protect our large fish. So it is encouraged that Members carry one in case they catch something bigger than they are fishing for.

Please, if any Member has a query or question on anything, do not hesitate to use the 'Contact Us' page on our website. It will be forwarded to the relevant Committee Member to respond.

31st July - Ian Lusher

There will be weed clearing on Langham 1 this coming Sunday 2nd August from 8.30am, so no fishing until at least 2pm in the afternoon. All members are welcome to come along and help. Please contact me if you can make it. 

23rd July - Dave Pilsworth
Just a reminder that the Black Barn river stretch will be closed for fishing on Sunday 2nd August as there is a scheduled match taking place, as per fixture list. Members can still take part and support this Charity match so please give me a call asap please to register your place.

22nd July - Shaun Vandersteen

Please note that Bucbricks 3 will now be open on Sunday 26th July as the scheduled
maintenance has had to be postponed owing to not having enough members able to help. Langham 1 still going ahead as previously arranged. Start time around 10.30/11am

19th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Please note that Langham 1 will be closed for the day on Sunday 26th July from 10am until 6pm for maintenance work 

19th July - Ian Lusher
Hello all,
As of the 20th July the booking on times at Langham will be changing to 8.30 to 18.00.
Any booking requests or inquiries outside of these times will not be responded to.

Also please note that my Bailiff response time may be delayed as I'm now back to work. Please bare with me.  Many thanks.

17th July - Dave Pilsworth

Please be advised that the Coronation Bowl/ Hopley Trophy will be fished on the Ardleigh Reservoir match lake, both banks, on the 16th August, as per fixture list. There are limited pegs available so it will be first come, first served I'm afraid.
Names asap please.

15th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Please be aware of work being carried out at Bucbricks 2 at the moment. For now we can keep the lake open but we may need to close it for a short period for health and safety reasons. Be careful of machinery in the meantime. I will update you all here if we do need to close.

15th July - Shaun Vandersteen

A kind note to all members that the Wilf Tolhurst Memorial match Rd 1 takes place at Black Barn river stretch on the 2nd August (see Fixtures list).
It is a charity match with all proceeds going to EACH the CPS nominated charity. Please could you all look to support this day by contacting Dave Pilsworth and registering your place. Thank you.

13th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Advanced warning that Bucbricks 3 will be closed on the 26th July for work on the steps and clearing weed from the water. All members welcome to come along and help. Just give me a call if you can.

12th July - Dave Pilsworth

Liz Larkin takes the honours in the first competition of the season, Brigade and Juniors Rd 1 with 19lb 9 oz's - Well done Liz
Anya Lusher netted a fine 7lb 4oz to lead the way into Round 2 for the Juniors - Well done Anya

12th July - Shaun Vandersteen

3 trees down Langham 1 - still waiting on contractors to clear. 

10th July - Cliff Sturley

Glebe Farm closed 12th July - Fishing Match taking place

8th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Another tree down Langham 1 so contractors have 2 to clear. Be careful whilst fishing here especially when it's windy

6th July - Shaun Vandersteen

Bucbricks 3 closed 26th July - Working Party
May be open from 2pm onwards but check with me first before traveling

26th June - Shaun Vandersteen

Tree down in Langham 1 contractors have been organised to clear

25th June - Mick Barwood

Next Committee meeting is at Langham Pounds on the 30th July starting at 7.30pm

25th June - Shaun Vandersteen

Trees now cleared from Bucbricks 3 

June 25th 2020 - Shaun Vandersteen

Bucbricks 3 closed all morning Sunday 28th June 2020 - Working Party clearing fallen trees in the water. Re-open around 2pm onwards

June 16th 2020 - Shaun Vandersteen

Please be advised that Langham Lakes 1 to 3 remains a book on Water.

No booking required on the river within this complex but if you enter to fish the river you must not then go and fish on any of the lakes.

Please contact 07881 374412  between 8.30 am and 6pm to make a booking

Allow at least 24 hours prior to the day you would like to book