5th April - Ian Lusher

Good evening all 

Just a reminder that if you go onto the langham complex (even just to have a look around) you MUST text the bailiff upon arrival and departure please

And also be aware that there is a goose nesting on the lefthand side on Langham 1 so please dont go past the cordon ropes as we don't want her disturbed too much.

Cheers all

19th March - Ian Lusher
Hi everyone.
Has anyone lost a sonar device on BB2?
Also a note to say Langham is closed for the work party this coming Sunday 21st, and night fishing on langham will be allowed from Friday the 2nd of April. Please remember you still need to book on with me as we still have limited spaces.

16th March - Cliff Sturley
Please visit the link below regarding the Angling Trust statement on fishing guidelines from the 29th March. Night fishing at Langham lakes is still bookable.

14th March - Cliff Sturley

Freshwater and Saltwater Match Fixtures are now out.

Please see our website for early viewing. Hard copies will start to be mailed out to all members from tomorrow.
Book early to secure your places

12th March - Cliff Sturley

Assistant Fresh Water Match Secretary Vacancy

This coming season we have had to reduce the number of match fixtures because we are In need of an assistant to help with the number of matches we normally arrange.
Once we are able to appoint an assistant we can then increase the number of matches for next season.
Ideally, the assistant will be able to look after all matches on our Bucbricks complex next season and assist occasionally at other waters to cover for hols etc.

If anyone is interested please contact me via the contact us page on this website and I will submit all names received to the Committee.
At the next available Committee meeting all those interested will be reviewed and a selection made.

19th February -  Cliff Sturley
Shaun has now communicated the work parties planned and he also mentioned the 24hr Fishing Match on the 22nd & 23rd May at Langham 1

The match is listed on the up and coming Fixtures List which everyone will receive on Membership Renewals this year, but as its been mentioned and its in May prior to Membership start date, I thought I should advise of some details now.
Maximum of 8 entries and a minimum of 4 for it to take place.
Its a Specimen Fish Match with only the following fish qualifying.
Carp, Tench, & Bream.
Its a catch and release match as no keep nets allowed.
Prior to release, your catch must be witnessed by a neighbouring peg member, a photo taken and must be weighed on the provided scales which will be located at a designated point for all to access. If you catch any other specimen fish, still do the same as above and this will be logged on our Specimen Trophy list for the season.
More details will be provided on the day on how the match will be judged.

Obviously, this Match is still subject to Covid regulations allowing.

18th February - Shaun Vandersteen

Working Parties

We will be starting them on the 21st March and will be holding them every Sunday morning between 8.30 & 12 the last one being on the 13th June. Members will have to contact myself via text or email to book on work party as we are limited at the moment to 10 Members per working party. We can actually have 15 but I would keep it to 10 plus myself and Ian, that will allow for Chairman to turn up if he wishes and also allow land owners to get involved if they wish. Members would have to bring their own PPE, ie. gloves, masks and hand sanitizer and stick to guide lines and social distancing.

Locations will be:

21ST March Langham

28th March Glebe Farm

4th April Pondhouse

11th April Bucbricks 1

18th April Bucbricks 2

25th April Bucbricks 2

2nd May Bucbricks 3

9th May Bucbricks 3

16th May TBA (will depend how work goes on Bucbricks Complex as to where this will be held)

23rd May TBA (will depend how work goes on Bucbricks Complex as to where this will be held) Note 24hr Match on Langham 1 22nd & 23rd May

30TH May Glebe Farm

6TH June Pondhouse

13TH June Langham

These will all be depending on the weather etc. But again with members booking on, I can message them on the morning of the work party if I need to cancel it.

Thanks and tight lines all

8th February - Cliff Sturley
Hi Everyone, just a further reminder to all Members to please subscribe
to our Website. We have had several more subscribe since my last message but we are still less than a third of Members on the list. We do not want to start using this medium until we have most, if not all, subscribed.

This will enable the Club to email urgent and important messages to everyone in the future as well as putting them on the Website and Facebook. However, not everyone reviews either one daily so an urgent message by email will get to you more efficiently.
For example; typically you would get an email to inform you when Langham Complex is reopened.
You will also receive future Membership Renewal Forms and copies of our Newsletter attached to an email. This will all save the Club £££s on postage in the future.
To subscribe, please click into the head and shoulder silhouette on the home page, complete the form fully and send. You will then be set up for when its all launched in the future. You can unsubscribe at any time should you longer wish to receive the emails or are no longer a Member.
Just send a message via our Website's Contact Us page.
Thank you
Keep well and stay safe.

7th January - Ian Lusher

Hello all 

Really good news

The angling trust has just announced that we are allowed to go fishing again from today. Note though, no night fishing or match fishing allowed.

Please open the link below to read their announcement and please follow these angling trust guidelines

Tight lines and stay safe everyone.

5th January - Ian Lusher
Unfortunately, under Lockdown measures, we are unable to go fishing from midnight tonight, until further notice.
Please see below the link to the Angling Trust announcement tonight.

It is imperative all members abide by this announcement.

29th December - CPS Committee
Unfortunately we announce that
Donny Ralph, a lifetime member and great CPS character, sadly passed away today. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

17th December - Cliff Sturley
Please see our new video on CPS River Stretches page on this website. If you wish to hear background music whilst viewing just click on video and deselect mute option. Good option!
Although some editing and music was required can I say a massive thank you to member Keith Nixon and his son for providing the excellent drone footage and the time it took. It is hoped we can complete the same for our lakes some time next year. Enjoy 😊

15th December - Cliff Sturley
Hi Everyone.
On the 28th October I sent a message to kindly ask all members to start to subscribe to our Website, so in the future we can alert you all of any urgent messages by email (like recently Langham Complex is closed) plus a lot more.
Thank you to all those that have done so, so far.

I know not everyone looks at our website Members News Feed weekly, as recommended, but to give you an example recently, not everyone knew about Keep Net bans (which has since been lifted)
Had they viewed the website they would have known.
However, if we have a members emailing list, most of you would have known as we would have sent an email to you as soon as it was announced, as well as putting it on our website for those that do not have access to email.

Going forward, we would potentially start to use this medium for membership renewals and reminders plus more, saving the Society costs which ultimately goes towards keeping Membership fees down.

Please can I remind members and Committee Members to start to subscribe asap (see how to 28th October message) We have circa 400 Members and only 25 Subscribed so far.
Thank you

6th December - CPS Committee
Dear all members.
Following our continued investigations and communications with the EA, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to remove, with immediate effect, the ban of keep nets. We know this has caused a lot of unhappiness whilst they were banned, but really do appreciate your support and understanding whilst we are sorting this alleged breach of covid rules out by some members whilst in lockdown.

2nd December - Mick Barwood

With the current lockdown rules coming to an end at midnight tonight, I am pleased to say, that having previously removed the rule of 6 Anglers only at each lake, we can now adopt the new regulatiions of rule of 6 outside from 2 on all our waters, effective from the 3rd December.
We are now guided by the tier 2 system rules and regulations, so please make sure you are familiar with them going forward.

Please also remember to remain socially distanced from anyone on all our waters that are not from your household, or support bubble, as the EA are patrolling our waters.

1st December - CPS Committee

Under the current Government Rules & Regulations regarding COVID19, NO Matches can take place, either Club Matches or Private Matches.
This is also a rule in place by the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust, all of which the Club comes under.

Unfortunately, on November 22nd under lockdown, a Private gathering took place at Bucbricks 2.
This was reported by 2 other Anglers to the Environment Agency who were enraged at such behaviour under Covid regulations. This behaviour can lead up to a £10,000 Fine.

In turn, the Environment Agency have instructed the Club to put in a TOTAL KEEPNET BAN on ALL our waters and will be monitoring all our waters from now on.

They have also instructed us to take disciplinary action to those concerned. This will be dealt with by the Committee.

We understand this keepnet ban has caused much annoyance to many of our Members, but this is an Environment Agency directive and not CPS.

Please keep well and stay safe under the present lockdown conditions.

1st December - Shaun Vandersteen

Please be advised that tree surgeons are working down at our Langham complex this week. Please be careful and courteous if they need you to move swim for a while for safety reasons. Thank you

27th November - Mick Barwood

Please be advised that all postponed Freshwater matches in November this year and those matches scheduled in December are now cancelled. The Croydon Cup 2nd Round may be rescheduled before the 14th March next year subject to committee meeting approval. Next year's Pike Match still goes ahead.

25th November - Mick Barwood

Following our dialogue with the EA, we are pleased to say we can now lift the restriction of 6 per lake with immediate effect, so long as we all ensure we hold a strict rule of two going forward and no keep nets are used on any water. Even with the new guidelines from the 2nd December coming into force that it can be 6, there is no need for us to adopt this as it's too risky for us to face a potential £10k fine. Let's all enjoy fishing in lock down conditions doing what we were all doing, just without keep nets.

Many thanks for your understanding.

24th November - Mick Barwood

Unfortunately, and with immediate effect, we are having to restrict the numbers on all lakes and suspend the use of keep nets until further notice! 

The EA and Essex/Suffolk Police are visiting waters to check for any signs of social angling gatherings taking place or any matches or 'unauthorised' matches. This comes with a £10,000 if caught.

We won’t be running a booking system (apart from Langham, which nights are still by booking only)

All our Lakes are now restricted to 6 anglers/households.

If from the same household, ie husband/wife, father/son, etc. this could then be more than 6.

Notices will be put up on the gates on each lake explaining this. Basically, if you turn up and 6 are fishing, all from different households, unfortunately you will be unable to fish there.

Restrictions on numbers do not apply to our Rivers.

Additionally, under no circumstances are keep nets to be used. By not using keep nets helps protect us all from being accused of any matches, or 'unauthorised' matches taking place.

Thank you all for your kind cooperation

23rd November - Cliff Sturley

With just under two weeks to go regarding the current lockdown, please can I remind everyone of our communication here on News Feed page dated the 4th November regarding the rule of 2.

Here is our communication once more -

The Angling Trust has issued initial guidance and say they will publish formal guidelines following further consultation with Sport England and the DCMS.

The Trust state "the regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us."

So to all Members, we can continue fishing as per above rules published until further notice. Please can we all ensure we keep to this rule of 2 to protect us being able to enjoy time fishing during lockdown. Thank you.

Unfortunately, fishing matches are all suspended until further notice`

14th November - Cliff Sturley
Member Paul Clemens, as asked if all members are aware of the National Line Recycle Scheme. Anyone interested can visit their Website

12th November - Cliff Sturley
Please be aware that a scammer is emailing in the name of our Chairman Mick Barwood. It appears to come from Mick, but if you look at the email address in details section, it's not Mick and you all know what Mick's email address is !!. This email is phishing for you to buy stuff for him and will reimburse you later. Then by you sending bank details etc. for reimbursement he's got you.
Mick would not ever do this as I'm sure you all know but be on guard. If you do get such an email just report as spam and do not open any links or attachments.

4th November - Cliff Sturley

The Angling Trust has issued initial guidance and say they will publish formal guidelines following further consultation with Sport England and the DCMS.

The Trust state "the regulations are clear and you can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us."

So to all Members, we can continue fishing as per above rules published until further notice. Please can we all ensure we keep to this rule of 2 to protect us being able to enjoy time fishing during lockdown. Thank you.

Unfortunately, fishing matches are all suspended until further notice`

30th October - Shaun Vandersteen


Please can I remind all members that all vehicles are to be parked in car park to the left after the gate. No vehicles allowed past the horse track.

28th October - Cliff Sturley

Could I ask all Members that have not yet discovered how to subscribe to our website, to now start to do so please, so that we can start to build up a messaging database, for CPS use only.

This is our future way forward on communications etc. and by subscribing, (those that are able to) CPS will then be able to contact everyone by email all at the same time, with no postal charges.

To subscribe, please go to our CPS website home page, preferably on a laptop or computer. On the left hand side, above the envelope and phone icons, you will see the head and shoulder silhouette. Enter here and complete the details.
You are then subscribed. You can request to be unsubscribed in the future at any time.
Thank you

12th October - Shaun Vandersteen

Please can I remind all Members that you must text the Bailiff whose number is detailed on the first gate on the Langham Complex, when you arrive and again when you leave. It is also detailed in this News Feed Page earlier. This applies to everyone regardless of where you are going fish, lake or river, or just having a walk around. An incident recently was reported to the Police and Land Owners so additional checks are in place by all. Thank you for co-operation.

25th September - Mick Barwood

Please can I remind all members that you MUST display your CPS Car Park badge in your vehicle. It has always been a Society Rule and is just as important as taking your Membership Card and Rod Licence with you.

Furthermore, with security on our waters at high alert at the moment, it has never been more important to do so to help identify unauthorised visitors, so it will not be tolerated by our Bailiffs to accept that you have forgotten it. It will reported back.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and trust you are all able to help us protect our waters and welcome member feedback of such vehicles without these badges as Shaun as communicated earlier. Bailiffs can not cover all waters 24/7, we all need to be vigilant.

25th September - Shaun Vandersteen

Hi all 

If anyone see's any suspicious activity on any CPS waters please contact us either by phone or through this website's contact us page asap. 

Please also report it to the Police and the EA incident line number which is 0800 807060 and get a incident reference number. 

A longline for poaching was found today on the Glebe and we need everyone's help to try and catch the culprits and to put a stop to this.

Also, if everyone could let us know of any vehicle parked in our car parks or outside our entrance gates that have no CPS car park badge displayed please.

Please take a note of the make, model and reg number. It's colour and the date and time parked there. If possible a picture too.

Many thanks

29th August - Ian Lusher

Please be advised that Langham Ponds complex has been able to get a relaxation on DAY fishing only. No need to book on but we still need to know who has been fishing everyday for Track and Trace purposes.
So instead, you now need to text me on 07881 374412 with the time you arrived and the time when you left along with your name and membership number.
If you can't text then telephone 01206 548595 between 0900 - 1700hrs leaving the same information.
Failure to do so jeopardises us all so please make sure you adhere to these new rules otherwise the committee will have no alternative to take some unpopular action.  Night fishing still remains a strict book on system direct with me before you attend. Thanks for your cooperation.

18th August - Shaun Vandersteen

Please can I ask all Members to not touch any of our Crayfish Traps - Thank you
Also, it is extremely important for you to carry your Membership Card and a valid Rod Licence with you when fishing. There has been a significant step up of water patrols, not only by our own Bailiffs. Anyone found fishing without these on them will be asked to stop fishing and leave. If its the EA it could result in a severe fine, if you fail to later provide a valid Rod Licence.
Please respect such requests to leave without any confrontation, even though you may have genuinely forgot for some reason, but its only you that has caused this action to be taken, no-one else.